Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You're Lucky When You Have a Best Friend

Do you have a best friend? I do have and I’m lucky for it. Having a best friend is one of the worth it human experience. It's just says that you are capable of giving an unconditional love.

Most of young generation makes a lot of best friend or uses such endearments. But being best friends requires time to have a solid foundation. It has the closeness of the bond of true sisters.

I believe that if a person has a best friend, a best friend that until now is standing amidst painful realities, that person can handle a relationship well.

Throughout my existence, I get acquainted with people who never experienced to have one. Worst is they seemed proud of saying they never did. Some do say that they're just not lucky. But if you'll look closer, they almost got one but never appreciated it or they let it go. Choosy, eh?

Some of our best friends are those who are at our back waiting to be recognized. We try to build such relationship to someone we like. Hoping that ideal one would turn out well. Hey, you only have to look around and appreciate what is there and make the most of it.

Let’s not get too hard in this world because even though pain and hatred are part of this world, we can still hold on to the other softer side of this life.

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