Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Friend who SHOCKs you by dropping by…

When a Friend SHOCKED you by Dropping By…
How do you define the word "best friend"? Is it the person who usually ambushes you in your most unprepared time? The one who sometimes just go in your house without your consent and even goes inside your messy room? Those who eat like it’s their last time on earth and that place on earth is exactly in your house.

Our best friends have this privilege in our lives. They do unusual things yet we find ourselves incapable of being annoyed. Even so, they give time and sometimes even break their hectic schedules for us. Because they are our dearest friends.

Isn’t it touching that the person wants to see us before he/she'll be gone far away. Not that I mind, but I would not refuse to indulge in those few moments to be with them.

At least, there's something quite memorable that happened this vacation even though I’m terribly sick. 


  1. I AGREE WITH THIS "the person who usually ambushes you in your most unprepared time" :-)

    1. thanks for dropping by... :)


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