Monday, December 23, 2013

When My Christmas Gift turns into Epic

Okay I lost. I've been messing with time. Not really on procrastination alone, I just can’t do things when I’m not inspired. However, I’m not so sulky when I came back. I just made a helpless sigh followed with a feeble laugh.

I'm not yet done with my present. And I’m not yet to reveal all the details. I just like to talk recently. For I believe I will be doing this kind of habit frequently soon.

I have a two set of gifts that I would be sending supposedly today. When I realized I will not finish this big project, I tried to rush the simplest one where I thought would be seamless.

-time management
-unprepared materials glue and envelope
-no printer
-uncollected pictures

Unexpected things:
-wrong route of jeepney
-ugly printed pictures

I was in a jolly mood but I can't deny I was yeah... exhausted.

Printing my selfie
I'm really very disappointed in the pictures printed in Colorado. The crew didn't even adjust the pictures for it to look well after print. It's as if I have no options. I should have been reminded. This made it clear why when I first went there, the other guy was like saying there's something wrong with my picture file. I know it came from my tablet, that's why. Poor graphics, poor resolution. Even though I became annoyed a bit, somehow he managed to use his techy resourcefulness and print my picture in a way a normal customer would be satisfied. But this time, I met the wrong crew. Such a bad luck for me this day.

Anyway, the price of one 3R picture is P4.95.

What I have said here is merely my experience/opinion. I have nothing against the company or whatsoever.

I don't know. Maybe I’ll look for other.

Picture in Colorado
This is the outcome. I dont have a scanner,
I just used my old camera to capture this.
As you can see, the brightness of my cheeks doesnt
really complement with the other colors.

The original picture. Probinsiyana
The original picture. Probinsiyana

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