Friday, December 20, 2013


I don't even know how to start this. But somehow, I have to. I just want to sense my freedom. Everything that's happening, I’m still clueless. It's like I’m not really doing anything morally wrong yet as if I gone into an unpardonable punishment that agonizes me everyday. They're treating you like a shit. And they're really doing their best to put that shit on your face, sometimes waiting for the shittiest chance. Worst, I believe this unit should behave the opposite. It should have the humanitarian spirit that has been pledged in the first place.

Proper behavior confuses me. And surely this part of ignorance, they will assault. What kind of satisfaction does one get from finding a rival? Time will come that those mockeries will return to them in a worst way someone would not imagine.

I can't even understand why a not so patient person would concern himself from visiting my blog. Why not detach yourself from every memory of me forever?

These are just life challenges that I have to conquer. Like a puzzle I need to figure out.

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