Thursday, December 19, 2013

Breakup exists in any relationship

I ended up a very close relationship. I changed the status into just a typical civilized friendship. I know it was a rush decision, but I somehow felt some burden was freed. I was holding into memories that will never rekindle. And I need to admit that and give up any hope. As the other person took another path without looking back, I'd better not wait in the fork road. This person has long accepted that I will not have a part of her future. I was ahead of her, and I’ve patiently waited. I walk while she runs, and now she was so ahead that I can't reach her any longer. I will now face a different path and leave some things. With a lighter pack, it promises a longer journey.

I may be the one who made the lead, but in my heart this will be the second time that you had left me. Like leaving me in a cliff .Taken me for granted even after loving you dearly.

No, I was not that busy with my career as I have told earlier that I was initially ahead. I was just in the backstage waited to be called. It never happened. Never even got a chance for recognition. All I knew is that slowly and painfully, you let go of my hand that has been holding you.

Any relationship can end into a break up. Every relationship needs nourishing. Both need to work on it.

I just thought we had a very extraordinary friendship then. I know I shouldn’t, but it was you who really made me believe.

Thus, the old broom being much better than new one isn’t really true. Especially when the broom is not sensible and went into a deep amnesia.

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