Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bawal Magkasakit

Just some ironies in life. The moment time becomes precious and activities are overloaded, I’ll get sick. I may be determined to do things, heaven or hell's decision perhaps wanted me to get extra pressured. Everything is going out well and even itineraries were somehow planned but this body is a total killjoy.

I wish it’s just that easy to recognize what's wrong and then it would be easier to compensate. Then I’ll know exactly what my body needs to avoid and how to warm it up and pamper.

I got an itchy throat. And even if the coldest of the morning has started yesterday, my body temperature seems trapped and can't escape well. I always wanted to know the reason behind problems. Not to know is annoying. Is this because I don't exercise? Or because of not taking my vitamins regularly making me unstable in some way? Or maybe because I ate a spoiled ice cream yesterday?

I don’t want to get sick nor want to spend money.

Bawal Magkasakit
strepsils orange
Candy orange strepsils

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