Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Smartbro Extends Surf Time

Extended Surfing Time Smartbro Broadband Kit

I am puzzled with my broadband kit. Lately, I only load around P20 instead of availing unlimited promos so I wouldn't be tempted to surf unimportant things and end up with my entire 24 hours wasted in virtual world.

I usually just wanted to surf for 30 minutes. So that would mean it’s just P10. Yet the first 20 minutes is annoying. I notice that there is some unknown downloading in those minutes. Maybe we can just assume it’s the antivirus working in the background. With those minutes, I was just staring in the monitor saying "oh com'on". Then I would have around 5-10 minutes remaining time for my internet to-do-list.

So I ended up consuming another 30 minutes to finish stuffs. That would be a total of P20. The weirdest thing is that I still can use the internet after the supposedly 1 hour allotment. However, I don’t bother myself from testing how long it would last because I hate temptations when things are planned.

These are blessing in system's loophole yet in typical days it’s unfair and a waste of money due to disappointing performance/service. Usually, 30 minutes is a disappointment.

Is this Smart’s way of saying Merry Christmas?

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