Sunday, December 22, 2013

Praying happiness for him

“Happiness is like a candle in the darkness.” Something I heard this during the mass

It was becoming a less inspiring weekends. I’m having a tough time too. It’s like I wanted to quit but luckily there are times that I can manage to divert myself. I'm afraid I’ll forget my sanity, wallow into darkness and make selfish decisions that are both destructive.

Sometimes I can't understand. It’s just that I wanted to know and to choose the alternative is corruptive. However I learned that I did lack there in some ways. I wasn’t able to provide this imperturbable understanding the time I started to feel the drifting apart of our two collided worlds. But hey, I didn't miss it. I sensed it yet was unable to figure. That bothered me. All I knew is that something has changed.

I just don’t want to get too tired and helpless...

Anyway, I’m going off topic.

I went to church to pray for this person. This is the first time I did it. Maybe my last mass before this was the unsuccessful mass together. Though uninvited, I still went alone. I prayed for his soul to be happy especially these distressing days.

I felt an undeniably fulfilling feeling of tenderness after.

Adoration Chapel Mama Mary
When I went to adoration chapel for the hope of finding the ambiance my soul wanted to feel…

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