Monday, December 9, 2013

White headset with microphone Class A

These are the kind of posts that I'm not sure if it’s just okay to publish.

Finally I bought a headset with microphone. I wanted to search around and find the cheapest yet decent headset. I also prefer something cute or fair looking one.

I've been glancing at stalls but I seldom find displayed headsets. It’s usually tablet case cover, ipad cover and other touchscreens' plastic container I saw. So I ended up going into this former Nokia known store.

I wanted to go into Cdr king but its two rides away and if ended up buying nothing, this day would become a waste. Besides I visited their website but can’t find a headset with mike unless it’s a headphone. I'll try to ask next time I pass by. I wonder if a headphone would work in a cellphone or a tablet or if it consumes a lot of battery given its huge size. Headset costs around 40 while headphone is 100-200 in Cdr king.

Last time, I came across this Muslim stalls who usually overprice their merchandise. The attendant showed me one of the headsets with microphone and if I’m not mistaken has a volume control. I saw it has crack. Hearing it costs around P200, I got discouraged and moved away. She said that I can "tawad" tough. But I wasn’t in the mood that time.

New headset
The sales lady said they only have replacement. I didn’t even know what she meant. I'm silly, right? That was when I got informed that it was not original. I chose the white one between the two choices of color, the other one is black. I bought it for P180. Bf said he also bought something like this before for 150. The packaging gave an illusion of being real.

No receipt.
Packaging says "Made in China".

How about you? Where did you buy your headset?
How much does an original headset costs?

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