Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

What I want just in case. Trying to go with the trend of making Christmas wish list article. My first time to think of anything I would like. Not that I’m wishing anyone would care to give me.

Original DVD
Video set of Winnie the Pooh or Lilo and Stitch.
I'm not allowed to indulge myself in cartoons during my childhood days. When my sister was still a baby, I became in love with this as I finally have the opportunity to watch different kinds of cartoons. I like the youthful feeling and tender way it touches my heart

Stitch Flash drive
I saw one in FB online store. Stitch has a sentimental value for me but I’m not the type of person who buys everything, I’m not in the right place yet. Besides, it would be much more special if given by someone.

Seeds or something with plants oriental plants for a change?
It doesn’t mean that I would like everything related with plants. It’s like having a particular area and level to consider. I'm just a beginner. When it comes to gifts, I would prefer something reasonable enough for me to use. Or maybe something that goes along with my personality.

Programming books, Inspirational, Brain stimulating or anything books that would interest me
There's something with books that makes me feel in cloud nine knowing it’s finally mine but it depends upon the book

Dream Catcher or what do you call that?
What else can be the reason? I see them being sold but I never entertained the idea of buying one for me. It’s like those accessories and keychain dream catcher were just made for aesthetic purpose these days. Mind you, you have to be wary of things you are buying and the symbol that underlies.

Dslr - top wish
Yes, I wanted to have one though I have this feeling it’s only me who appreciates my shots. I know I’ve been behind ever since but this desire I got were deep rooted and within me since I was in high school where camera with film are still in use. That desire grew more when I realize the value of the memories it captures. Still I was so happy when I got my first digicam, at least I have one. I’m still using the digicam until now given to me by its former user, my uncle. I wanted to learn photography. So far, I’m so unknowledgeable that I wonder what makes those dslr expensive or differ in prices. I long for something that that will make me capture the outlying beauty of the moon and will still give me a nice shot of those in the stage even if I’m at the end of the auditorium. I like it to be  micro shots capable too.

I cannot count the number of people who asked me to go into their churches but never thought of giving me a bible. I wanted to have a bible, reasonable in size for me to carry it if I like. Not too small. Not too big. If possible, I want it a bit easier to read. A bit modern yet the essence or sacredness is still there.

Time and attention
No more queries...

If it’s still hard to think of something to give me, here is something I would say. Sometimes it doesn’t have to do with the price but the effort and concern that have blossomed into a token that will carry those memories forever.

It's not the thought alone that counts but the effort.

My Christmas Wish List
I look fat.. ;(

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