Thursday, December 26, 2013

I refused to drink

Not that I haven't really tasted some before. I really don't drink because I’m not used to. I didn’t realize that it doesn't really matter now. I was an obedient kid, right?

Though in our dwelling I used to try a little bit of beer, a little bit of wine and a little bit of whatsoever.  I never had been totally drunk or gotten extremely drunk outside.

But now, I don't know if I will continue the past habit or become a much more different me. Sometimes, I’m just wary that I might get into a lot of temptations that I cannot stop myself from turning into a worst me.

Why really I refused to drink? It has something to do with my conscience when I forbid someone not to drink. It was a painful whole year when the consequence took place. Both of us suffered. Through refusing, I acknowledge the hardship and efforts done for this entire year plus the lately Christmas effort of this person from not drinking.

Sobrang KJ (killjoy)
This is the part I am scared of. I now understand the environment I am in. There's more to come soon. I am afraid of the humiliation and revenge that follows. People really can get that mean.

The quote "the person has to shape up or..." still lingers in my mind.

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